DermaDash understands that you face challenges when prescribing specialized medications. We work diligently to deliver innovative products and services to help you provide efficient patient care.

What makes this program different from other programs that we’ve seen before?

DermaDash has built a network that addresses all aspects that may affect the patient experience. We work with well established industry leaders in supply chain management, patient accessibility programs, pharmacy, healthcare technology providers, and provider service professionals to ensure the most seamless patient experience available. It allows us to better collaborate with providers verses other programs.

Which patients are eligible?

ALL patients are eligible for the DermaDash Network. However, only commercially insured patients are eligible for the co-pay program. Any patient enrolled in a federally funded program (i.e., Medicaid, Medicare, Medigap, VA, DOD, or Tricare) or where prohibited by law will NOT be eligible for the co-pay program.

What is the patient experience like? Will patients be contacted to confirm their insurance and payment information?

Patients are contacted by phone or text when the prescription is received at the pharmacy. We verify demographics, allergies, insurance information, payment information, and shipping information to make sure the patient receives the prescribed medication in a timely manner.

After I send you a prescription, how long before it ships to my patients?

Most medications ship within 24 hours from the pharmacy receiving the prescription and the patient verifying the delivery address. Average delivery time is 2 days or less, from this point. Patient contact is the critical part of the transaction.

How often does your product portfolio change?

We have a formulary of over 500 dermatology product NDCs. We keep a broad portfolio of products to keep up with market changes and ever changing insurance plan coverage. If you want to prescribe a particular product, contact us.

How do you process refills? Do you automatically ship orders to patients?

We contact patients by their preferred communication method (phone, email, or text) before processing any refills. Patients will confirm all refills before being filled and delivered.

Where are your products manufactured?

We have a diverse supply chain of FDA approved US manufacturers and some international.

Can DermaDash service Isotretinoin patients?

Yes. DermaDash is aware of the strict requirement of the iPledge program and is fully capable of processing prescriptions for this REMS program.